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Package Option

Are you confused about what needs to be changed in your photo to make it look better? Let our professional Graphic Design team decide for you. Many customers wish to have the same areas retouched. Therefore, your Graphic Designer has a vast amount of experience regarding what is needed to get your photo to look it’s very best.

So, try this “Package Option” and let your Graphic Designer decide the retouching to be made. Once you receive your photo, you will have an opportunity to provide your Graphic Designer with additional instructions.

Your package includes one additional FREE edit at no extra charge.


How Photo Retouching works...

Step 1:

Upload photo & check areas to be retouched
Step 2:
Graphic Designer
retouches your photo
Step 3:
Email is sent to you when your retouching has been completed
Step 4:
your retouched photo from your Account

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