9666 Halsey Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Terms of Sale

You are allowed 1 re-editing of your photo(s) at no charge. If you wish an area previously edited changed a third time, there will be a cost of $8.50 per area. So, in other words, if you want your teeth whiter after the first edit, there will be no charge. But if you are still not satisified and want your teeth, for example whiter still or perhaps they are too white and you want them duller now, the third edit will cost $8.50 per area.
We do not accept nude photos or any form of pornography.

How Photo Retouching works...

Step 1:

Upload photo & check areas to be retouched
Step 2:
Graphic Designer
retouches your photo
Step 3:
Email is sent to you when your retouching has been completed
Step 4:
your retouched photo from your Account

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